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New technology and materials

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At Throne we always strive to be in the front edge of our industry. Specialized in manufacturing sportswear and early adopter of new technologies and materials. We lead the way in seamless production and produce high technical and functional garments within cut & sew. We have awareness and understanding of sustainability challenges and a willingness and ability to act.  


Seamless apparel has a seam free structure and seamless technology provides highly elastic compression and soft feel.

Cut & Sew

We produce high quality and functional garments.

The way to success

We will help you every step of the way

We offer deep expertise throughout the development, from the initial product design, raw material sourcing and our quality controlled manufacturing process – to final delivery of premium apparel for major retailers and brands around the world.

We produce for you.

We export all kinds of sportswear to over 60 countries.
Either you have your own design and logo, or you want help from our competent team where we have design, product development and marketings specialist at our head office in Sweden. Where we also invite you to our showroom to get inspiried by our samples before we produce your uniqe design in our factory in China.

Design department. 

Do you need help with bringing your ideas to life? Our design department will help you both with looks, silluette and color to get the right function for your garment. We will advice what knitting technique, structure and placement that could be suitable according to your vision. We are solution oriented and get our kicks from solving your inquiries.

Together we bring your products to life. 

We are proud of what we can offer and look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas. Contact us and we will talk further and hopefully we produce some winning garments together.