Seamless garments

Seamless apparel has a seam free structure and seamless technology provides highly elastic compression and soft feel. In the seamless garment technology, cutting and sewing is machine processed, this means faster production and lower prices. In addition to that, with the high-end machines we are using, the quality becomes very consistent. The consumer demand for seamless garments are higher and growing, because of many advantages.

 Advantages of seamless garments

  • seam free structure, comfortable, sleek fit
  • freedom of body movement
  • size flexible
  • cost saving
  • waste reducing
  • functional
  • endless design possibilities
  • sustainable products

Development and innovation in seamless techniques

  • coloured patterns, variety of different stitches
  • we now have developed so you can use up to 6 colours, and design with asymmetric patterns.
  • new advancements from fibre and yarn, e.g. merino wool, recycled fibre, bamboo, polyester etc.
  • new innovative functions, environmentally friendly elements
  • the seamless technology features are beneficial for both retailers and end customers

Seamless apparel – applications

Seamless garments leads to the concept applied to sports active wear, gymwear, fitness wear, leisurewear, outdoor wear, performance oriented sportswear, fashion wear and much more.

THDM - Throne High Durability Mesh
THDM - Throne High Durability Mesh
THDM - Throne High Durability Mesh
THDM - Throne High Durability Mesh

THDM - Throne High Durability Mesh

Our THDM technique allows for seamless lightweight apparel to be very durable and stretchy, and it will not tear even though it has intricate patterns of mesh to allow for a nice airflow. It feels very comfortable and natural to wear, and fits perfect when designing next-to-skin apparel. Come and visit our showroom to find out what it’s all about!

Seamless design

Uniquely we enable you to design apparel using asymmetric patterns, and use up to 6 colors – premium seamless quality, without any uncomfortable threading on the inside, and increased durability.

seamless asymmetric pattern up to 6 colours
seamless asymmetric pattern up to 6 colours

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