We are Throne

Leading seamless manufacturer

Deep expertise

Throne is located in Sweden and China, and is one of the leading seamless garment manufacturers. We are proficient in technical apparel whether using seamless technology or cut&sew. We offer deep expertise throughout the development, from the initial product design, raw material sourcing and our quality controlled manufacturing process – to final delivery of premium apparel for major retailers and brands around the world.

Customer-focused and experienced manufacturer

Thanks to our apparel industry expertise and technical know-how, we can provide superior quality, reasonable prices and professional service for the most demanding requirements. We work with full engagement in each project and for every customer. We are solution driven and our business principle is long-term. When working with us, you work with a manufacturer who strives to continuously evolve, which helps keeping your products current and attractive.

Clothing manufacturer with great capabilities

Our state-of-the-art seamless production is managed by 600 workers and we have 200 customized machines ranging from 12”-22”. Our current capacity is 500,000 pcs/month. However, we are flexible and able to swiftly increase our capacity when called upon.

In our cut & sew production we have 200 skilled and experienced workers and a capacity of 50,000 pcs/month.


Throne strive to work with as small ecological footprint as possible. It is a challenge, but it is necessary. We are always looking for new ways to improve, whether it is regarding our own manufacturing process, or reminding customers of more sustainable alternatives. 

You can read more about our efforts here.

By being committed to achieve the highest standards of service, competitive pricing, quality and reliable delivery, we aim to be a great manufacturing partner.

We are Throne

Remember the past

Our story

The company was founded in Shanghai by Carina Jakobsson. It all started with a girl who loves sports, and she became a champion in both martial arts and running. Utilizing her competitive mindset she then ventured into the garment industry and THRONE was born in 2004. In 2006 the company moved to Nanjing, China and its Head Office was established in Gothenburg, Sweden. The main focus is geared towards sports fashion, sportswear, fitness, active wear and outdoors wear.

Throne’s success would not be possible without it’s competent and dedicated staff. We all aspire to evolve, and the company evolves with us. Always seeking new ways and solutions. We are spearheading the industry with our innovative and continuous developments.

We help you bringing extra value to your brand

What we do

Seamless apparel cutting, protective gloves
THDM - Throne High Durability Mesh


Our R&D team stresses the importance of product research and development. We are always in search of the latest fabrics, newest trends and latest technologies.


Our design team constantly researches various markets, in order to collect and analyse the latest trends, and selectively adapting those elements to our customer´s demands.


The clothing samples are strictly tested in a laboratory. We can confirm that the samples and productions fulfill all requirements. We test using different methods, such as SGS, ITS, Third party etc.

Extra service

Our after-sales service team is focused on providing complete answers to questions on our products, or concerns the customer may have. We can help handle unforeseen issues.


Sometimes an idéa is not possible with the technology that exists today. We take that request to find a solution. An example of this is making seamless design with up to six different colors, with asymmetric patterns and getting rid of the threads on the inside for extra comfort and durability.


We own our own factory in China that is certified so that your business can rely on a chain of sustainable and ethical products.